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  • 01/09/15--06:49: Ghoul – folklore
  • A ghoul is a folkloric monster or evil spirit associated with graveyards and consuming human flesh, often classified as undead. The oldest surviving literature that mention ghouls is likely One Thousand and One Nights. The term was first used in... Read More ›


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  • 01/11/15--08:39: Jurassic City
  •   ‘Throwing L.A. back to the stone ages.’ Jurassic City is a 2014 US science fiction action horror movie written and directed by Sean Cain (Silent Night, Zombie Knight; Sand Sharks; Rise of the Dinosaurs) and produced by Anthony Fankhauser.... Read More ›

    Jurassic-City-2014-dinosaurs-in-LAmondozillajurassic cityJurassic-City-2014Jurassic-City-2014-posterJurassic-City-Indian-posterJurassic-City-2014-dinosaurs-in-LAmondozillajurassic cityJurassic-City-2014Jurassic-City-2014-posterJurassic-City-Indian-poster

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  • 03/15/15--15:22: Venomous
  • ‘There is no antidote’ Venomous – aka Snakes – is a 2001 action horror film directed by Fred Olen Ray (Scalps; Star Slammer; Evil Toons) [credited as Ed Raymond] from a screenplay by Dan Golden and Sean McGinly. The film stars Treat Williams (Night of the Sharks;... Read More ›


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    Night Fright is a 1967 US science-fiction horror film directed near Dallas, Texas, by James A. Sullivan from a screenplay by Russ Marker (who wrote a similar script for an unfinished project named The Demon of Devil’s Lake in 1964). Sullivan was a production manager... Read More ›


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  • 04/09/15--02:13: Gremlins – remake
  • Gremlins is a forthcoming American comedy horror Warner Bros remake of the original 1984 hit that is currently back in development after a long period of gestation. No director has been assigned to the project – although fans will probably still... Read More ›


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  • 04/10/15--03:57: Twilight People
  • ‘Animal desires… Human lust. Test Tube terrors… Half beast… all monster.’ Twilight People is a 1972 Filipino horror movie directed by Eddie Romero (Beast of Blood). It stars John Ashley and in an early film appearance, Pam Grier. Plot teaser:... Read More ›

    twilight 3mondozillatwilight 3Twilight-PeopletwilightThe-Twilight-People-Pam-Grier-Ayesa-panther-womanTWILIGHT-PEOPLE (1)twilight 5twilight 2the_twilight_peopletwilight-people (2)twilight 3mondozillatwilight 3Twilight-PeopletwilightThe-Twilight-People-Pam-Grier-Ayesa-panther-womanTWILIGHT-PEOPLE (1)twilight 5twilight 2the_twilight_peopletwilight-people (2)

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  • 04/13/15--12:39: Jaws of Satan aka King Cobra
  • ‘Something you wouldn’t dare to imagine is alive!’ Jaws of Satan – originally titled King Cobra – is a 1981 US horror film directed by Bob Claver from a screenplay by James Callaway and Gerry Holland. It stars Fritz Weaver (Nightkill; Creepshow; Friday’s... Read More ›


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  • 04/13/15--15:42: Mars Attacks!
  •   Mars Attacks! is a 1996 American comedy science fiction horror film directed by Tim Burton (Corpse Bride; Sleepy Hollow; Dark Shadows) and written by Jonathan Gems, based on the cult trading card series of the same name. The film is a parody of science... Read More ›


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  • 04/20/15--11:28: Lake Placid vs. Anaconda
  • Lake Placid vs. Anaconda is a 2015 made-for-television action-horror-thriller film directed by A.B. Stone from a screenplay by Berkeley Anderson (Robocroc; Monster Ark; S.S. Doomtrooper). The film is a crossover between the Lake Placid – and Anaconda – film series. The film stars Robert Englund, Yancy Butler (previous two... Read More ›


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    Loch Ness Monster, also called Nessie, is a cryptid that reputedly inhabits the Loch Ness lake in the Scottish Highlands. It is similar to other supposed lake monsters in Scotland and elsewhere, though its description varies from one account to... Read More ›

    nessie8mondozillanessie1nessie11nessie3nessie4nessie5nessie6nessie7nessie8nessie9nessie10nessie12nessie13nessie14nessie15nessie16nessie17nessie19nessie18nessie21nessie22nessie23VLUU L310W L313 M310W / Samsung L310W L313 M310Wnessie25nessie26amazonwomenotmoon27.7399nessie27scoobnessie29Bewitched-Loch-Ness-Monsternessie28nessie30nessie31nessie32nessie33nessie34nessie35nessie36nessie37nessie8mondozillanessie1nessie11nessie3nessie4nessie5nessie6nessie7nessie8nessie9nessie10nessie12nessie13nessie14nessie15nessie16nessie17nessie19nessie18nessie21nessie22nessie23VLUU L310W L313 M310W / Samsung L310W L313 M310Wnessie25nessie26amazonwomenotmoon27.7399nessie27scoobnessie29Bewitched-Loch-Ness-Monsternessie28nessie30nessie31nessie32nessie33nessie34nessie35nessie36nessie37

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  • 06/02/15--14:38: Queen Crab
  • Queen Crab is a 2014 horror monster movie produced by Mark Polonia and written and directed by Brett Piper (They Bite!, The Screaming Dead, Drainiac!). It stars Michelle Simone Miller, Kathryn Metz, Rich Lounello, A.J. DeLucia, Steve Diasparra, Danielle Donahue, Ken Van Sant. The movie was shot using... Read More ›


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  • 06/06/15--07:16: 3-Headed Shark Attack
  • ‘More heads, more deads!’ 3-Headed Shark Attack is a 2015 American action-horror movie produced by The Asylum and directed by Christopher Olen Ray (Mega Shark vs. Kolossus; 2-Headed Shark Attack and son of Fred Olen Ray) from a screenplay by Jacob Cooney and Bill... Read More ›


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  • 06/21/15--05:22: Animal
  • ‘Fear lives in the dark.’ Animal is a 2014 monster horror film directed by Brett Simmons (Husk; The Monkey’s Paw; Chilling Visions: 5 States of Fear) from a screenplay by Thommy Hutson and Catherine Trillo. It was executive produced by Drew Barrymore. It... Read More ›


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  • 07/11/15--14:55: Blood Tide
  • Blood Tide is a 1981 British-Greek film directed by Richard Jefferies (Cold Creek Manor; Living Hell aka Organizm) from a screenplay co-written with Nico Mastrorakis (Island of Death; Blind Date; Grandmother’s House). The film is also known as Bloodtide (in the... Read More ›

    blood tide 9mondozillabloodtideblood-tide-3bloodtideBLOOD TIDE, Lydia Cornell, Lila Kedrova, Martin Kove, Jose Ferrer, 1982blood tide 91982 - Blood Tide (VHS)513i+KZ9VkLbloodtidecover518EiatgdcLblood tide 9mondozillabloodtideblood-tide-3bloodtideBLOOD TIDE, Lydia Cornell, Lila Kedrova, Martin Kove, Jose Ferrer, 1982blood tide 91982 - Blood Tide (VHS)513i+KZ9VkLbloodtidecover518EiatgdcL

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  • 07/17/15--03:31: From Hell It Came
  • ‘Frightmare! Born of Jungle Witchcraft! Created by a Curse!’ From Hell It Came is a 1957 American science fiction horror film directed by Dan Milner from a screenplay by Richard Bernstein, based on a story by producer Jack Milner. Cast: Tod Andrews (Voodoo... Read More ›


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  • 07/17/15--05:31: Attack on Titan
  • Attack on Titan – aka 進撃の巨人 – “Shingeki no kyojin: Attack on Titan” – is an upcoming Japanese action-monster film directed by Shinji Higuchi for Toho Pictures. It based on the manga series of the same name by Hajime Isayama. The film... Read More ›


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  • 07/22/15--12:29: Lavalantula
  • ‘Fire Burns… Lava Bites’ Lavalantula is a 2015 sci-fi horror film directed by Mike Mendez (The Convent; The Gravedancers; Big Ass Spider!; Tales of Halloween) from a screenplay by Neil Elman (The Sea Beast; Mongolian Death Worm; I Spit on Your Grave 2),... Read More ›


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  • 07/22/15--17:58: Zombie Shark (2015)
  • Zombie Shark is a 2015 American horror film directed by Misty Talley (editor of Ghost Shark; Haunted High; Arachnoquake) from a screenplay by Greg Mitchell (SnakeHead Swamp) for Active Entertainment. This US film should not be confused with the 2013... Read More ›


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  • 09/10/15--15:38: Nailbiter
  • ‘Fear will surface’ Nailbiter is a 2012 American horror film directed by Patrick Rea from a screenplay co-written with Kendall Sinn. The movie was first released onto DVD in Japan on January 25, 2013 and received its American debut on... Read More ›


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  • 10/09/15--13:04: Gamera (2015)
  • Gamera (ガメラ) is an upcoming Japanese kaiju monster film directed by Katsuhito Ishii and produced by Kadokawa Pictures. It will apparently be a reboot to the Gamera series as part of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the franchise. As reported on Wikizilla, on October 8,... Read More ›


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